dropsnepalps2 6770sqI wanted to throw in a bit of lace as well but it just didn't feel right. So no lace this time. Just cables, cables, cables.

30saleXmas SDo you have your Christmas knitting all planned out yet? If yes, great! If not, look around in my pattern store, you might find something you like. And now everything is 30% off (patterns and ebooks as well). For 5 days only, with the coupon code SALE30. The code works on ravelry as well.


  1. Make a list. Lists are your friends. At the very least, write down what item you would like to knit to whom and how much yarn you need for each of them (yardage rather than weight!). Try to make an estimation how much time you need for each item.
  2. Start with the smaller items on your list and check if you needed more or less time to knit them than you estimated. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to find out how many yards you can knit per week. If you are not sure you will be ready in time, remove some of the larger items from your list and choose smaller ones instead.
  3. Don’t stress. Christmas is all about love so believe me it’s much better to give a hat you enjoyed working on than a sweater you struggled with because the ‘damn thing will never be ready’.

dropsnepal pr1 sqNew shawl in progress. The construction will be a bit unusual, I knit the cable spine first, then the first wing, now I'm knitting the second wing and then I'll work the border. Fun project so far! (Apart from the fact that I had to rip out the first version of the left wing because it was curling like crazy with the stitch pattern I tried first. But it works wonderfully with garter stitch.)

100patternsgiveawayTODAY FotorI have just released my 100th pattern. Such a beautiful number, don’t you think? :) I’m so excited! To celebrate, I am giving away a hundred patterns in the form of hundred coupon codes today. Here in my ravelry group, on my facebook and instagram. ONE CODE PER PERSON.

Happy Hundred Designs Day :)


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