Magic loop

Knitting something with a 20 cm circumference using a 80 cm circular needle? Sounds crazy. But it really isn't. And it's not difficult to do at all. And what I really like: I can knit faster this way. Because instead of five needles, I only use one circular needle, my work has only two sides, therefore there aren't so many "break points" while I'm working.

Now let's see how it works. 

1. Cast on your stitches as usual. Use a cable needle which is at least 80 cm long and has a flexible cable.

2. Slide the stitches onto the cable.

3. Pull the cable out between two stitches approximately at the middle of your CO row.

4. Slide both sets of stitches onto the needles. The wrong sides should face each other - be careful not to twist stitches.

5. Pull the needle in the back out...

6. ... and knit the first stitch on the needle in the front with it (you join in the round). Knit it nice and tight.

7. See how fast it goes? :) Knit...

... until you have no more stitches on the left needle.

8. Turn work.

9. Now you have to swap needles. Pull the cable... 

 ... until the stitches are on the needletips again.

 10. Then pull out the other needle tip and continue knitting with it. 

 If you prefer video tutorials, you can find one here (Drops) or here (

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