I'm so glad to be able to welcome you to my new website, a fresh, modern and beautiful platform where you can browse among all my patterns.   

What has changed? Basically, everything is the same, just looks better and is more up-to-date, you can now find every self-published pattern by me in the webshop. There are minor improvements though. For instance, the patterns you buy on my website will be added to your ravelry library as well, you only have to provide your ravelry username in the "bill to address" section of your shopping cart. 

I have started sending my newsletters on a more regular basis than before (meaning about one or maybe two newsletters per month, your mailbox will not be flooded because of me :), if you would like to learn about new releases and sales, you can subscribe here: newsletter.

This new website would not have been possible if I didn't have help. Many thanks to Éva Benke for her beautiful design and Péter Balla for building the website based on Éva's plans. 

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