Those laCy, hazy, crazy days of summer..:) As every summer, I'm having a summer sale in my pattern store. This time, you can purchase select patterns with a 33% discount through August 31, 2016 with the coupon code "lacysummer2016". 

Choose your favourite from among the 25 eligible patterns and knit something lacy! Some of these shawls are perfect additions to your summer wardrobe, others can be worn instead of a cardigan in autumn or as a scarf in winter. You can also find two cardigans, a beret and a pair of fingerless mitts if you are already preparing for the colder season.

Click on READ MORE for the list of eligible patterns.

As always, patterns bought in my webshop will be added to your ravelry library as well within 48 hours. (Please enter your ravelry username in the shopping cart. Also, don't forget to enter the coupon code and hit the "save" button for the 33% discount!)


 IMG 3761 squareRaspberry Hill

araucanianuble 3331 squareAghamora

oasishideaway 2985 squareOasis Hideaway

enchantedforest squareEnchanted Forest

wisteria squareWisteria

cinnamon squareCinnamon

nutmeg squareNutmeg

starrynight squareStarry Night

impressions squareImpressions

caribbeansunset squareCaribbean Sunset

tropicalmorning squareTropical Morning

frangipani squareFrangipani

drizzle squareDrizzle

rainbow squareRainbow

amaryllis squareAmaryllis

LilyMagnolia squareLily Magnolia

aquamarine squareAquamarine

goldenhazel squareGolden Hazel

avellanaberet squareAvellana Beret

avellanamitts squareAvellana Mitts

sunnywithafewclouds squareSunny with a Few Clouds

almondblossom squareAlmond Blossom

mist squareMist

vanillaorchid squareVanilla Orchid

lavenderhoney squareLavender Honey



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