siidegarte progress1 square

This gorgeous skein (Siidegarte Siide-Fideel) came home with me from the Swiss Wulle Festival. And I could resist almost two whole weeks before casting on. 


IMG 20161022 182111 smallI was planning a triangular shawl first, I haven't designed one for ages. So I cast on...

IMG 20161022 203954 small withtext...however, I soon realized this wasn't what I wanted, I didn't like the group of purl stitches forming in the middle. Triangular shawls are increased in the middle and in this case, the increases broke the flow of the eyelet pattern. So I had to think of something else.

siidegarte progress1 square

The solution: there are two spines now instead of just one, which means I can increase enough stitches in the stockinette section before the eyelet pattern so that I don't have to increase in the eyelet pattern itself. It won't be a triangular shawl after all but I'm happy with the result, and as long as I'm happy, I don't really mind the shape. I'll design a triangular shawl some other time.

Next steps: Measuring how much yarn I have left and figuring out how deep my border can be. I only have this one skein, I didn't want a large shawl (but I'm planning to size it up for the pattern to give you more options) and it would be best if I could use up as much yarn as possible, without the risk of running out.



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