shawleidoscope2 maynov smallDesigning has many aspects. Decisions on yarns, stitch patterns and colors are all important on the long way until an idea becomes a design. With my new collection of shawl patterns, I'm focusing on color. 

For each shawl, I have carefully chosen the yarn to tell its special story. You will find the perfect pattern for your variegated yarns, gradients or experiment with color combinations; you can do all this and more with this collection. Some of the designs are only written for one size, others have sizing options and some can be additionally modified with just a little math involved. There is one shawl that makes everything possible: you will be able to modify not just the size but the look of the design itself by rearranging the stitch patterns and adjusting their length.

The collection is first released as a subscription. It will contain 7 shawls, with a new shawl added each month, the last one coming out in November 2018.

50% off for subscribers!

The collection will be 50% off until the day the third shawl is released, which means you will only pay about US$1.50 per pattern for the entire collection! Use the coupon code surprise50 to take advantage of this discount. 


SolarFlare3 sq small

The first pattern in this collection is Solar Flare. I fell in love with two gorgeous skeins of hand-dyed yarn at a wool festival in Zug (Switzerland). So what could I do, they came home with me.

Designing with variegated yarn is always special, you have to be really careful to come up with a pattern that you can actually see because yarns like this can easily steal the show if you let them. So you need the pattern and the yarn to be partners, complementing each other, and not competitors fighting for your attention.

The name of this colourway is called Crimson Sunset and I found that theme an exciting starting point for my design inspiration. I had the rays of the sun in mind when I designed the rib pattern on the body and the eyelet pattern of the border. I went for textures that are simple but fun and relaxing to knit.

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