collage nostalgia

My shawl Nostalgia is being tested in my ravelry group right now and I can show you three gorgeous projects already, all beautifully photographed, while several others are on the blocking mats. 

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 borbelyannamaria nostalgia 1
Annamária from the Hungarian testing group used a beautiful hand-dyed merino silk blend for her shawl. This yarn is laceweight (while the one I used was fingering weight), and this project clearly shows that laceweight yarn is very much suitable for this design. 


 borbelyannamaria nostalgia 2
This closeup shows even better what a great match this yarn and this design is. I'm so in love with this project right now! I don't normally fall for greens this hard.


biene116 nostalgia 2
This is another laceweight project, from the German testing group, beautifully knitted by Sabine and photographed by her husband. The yarn is 100% silk.


biene116 nostalgia 1
Another picture of Sabine's shawl shows its full beauty.

pamigena nostalgia 1Jutta took a different approach changing not the weight of the yarn but its material, using a 100% soft merino yarn. This is a great choice if you want a shawl that is not only beautiful but also warm! 

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