tigerseye sq 2302

I'm working on a new shawl using a yak and silk gradient. The other colour will come a bit later, it's gold / yellow (it's this yarn.)

The body of the shawl is mainly stockinette stitch with eyelet lines, I can't show you the "big picture" yet because I already have too many stitches on my needle for that. My last shawl Nostalgia is rather challenging so this time I wanted something more relaxing for a change. This definitely qualifies as tv knitting, without becoming boring. 

As for the border...

borbelyannamaria nostalgia 1

...no, it's not going to be pink :) I'm just using some random sock yarn to see if the charts I drew are working or not. This is a simple pattern but I need to increase it (because well, it has to become the border of a shawl) and increasing in pattern is not always simple, especially if you want the increases to be as invisible as possible. I'm quite happy with the results here and I got it on the second attempt, which made me even happier. However. I realized at this point that I still didn't have enough increases but I think I have a solution for that problem as well, I have my charts, I just have to swatch again... and again :) 

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