Shawleidoscope 2


Shawleidoscope 2 is a new collection focusing on color. For each shawl, I have carefully chosen the yarn to tell its special story. You will find the perfect pattern for your variegated yarns, gradients or be able to play with color combinations; you will be able to do all this and more with this collection. Some of the designs are only written for one size, others have sizing options and some can be additionally modified with just a little math involved. There is one shawl that makes everything possible: you will be able to modify not just the size but the look of the design itself by rearranging the stitch patterns and adjusting their length.

The collection is first released as a subscription. It will contain 7 shawls, with a new shawl added each month, the last one coming out in November 2018.

First shawl: Solar Flare
Second shawl: As You Like It
Third shawl: Powder Snow
Fourth shawl: Foxtrot
Fifth shawl: Treasure Beach
Sixth shawl: released in October 2018
Seventh shawl: released in November 2018

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